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How does stress lead to infertility?

Experiments on animals such as mouse showed that there is a direct relationship between stress and fertility. Scientists stressed mice by limiting their access to food which resulted in decrease in their fertility rates.

Of course showing the same thing on humans wouldn't be possible.

However researchers from the Ohio university managed to prove that women trying to get pregnant and who already have a high level of stress-related hormones are twice less fertile.

The treatments against infertility are not helping concerning stress. Women experiencing infertility and treatments are showing the same level of anxiety and depression as women having cancer or other serious illnesses.

Psychologically it is very difficult for couples that are having difficulties to conceive. As it happens they are usually surrounded by other couples talking about their babies or pregnancies, their baby/job related issues and so on... Also the fact that fertility treatments are not supported by insurance companies and result in major financial investments doesn’t help either.

Don’t underestimate stress and depression!

They are among the top factors that are strongly affecting fertility. Still there are numerous exercises and techniques that can help - women that are learning stress reduction skills, such as yoga for example, have higher pregnancy rates.

Another approach to reduce stress is by getting more social support. For example, connecting with other women who are in the same situation by joining forums, groups, writing and engaging in blogs, and other interactive ways.

So if you are trying to conceive keep in mind that having a relaxed and peaceful mind is decisive. Most importantly don’t forget that being the fruit of love, making a baby should be fun and memorable experience for both of you. So having fun in the process is not just recommended; it’s MANDATORY.

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