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Infertility: is this cholesterol’s fault?

Cholesterol is well known for provoking cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack. But not only... does it also cause infertility?

A new study, recently published by the Universities of Buffalo and Emory, showed the clear correlation between pregnancy and cholesterol. Undoubtedly high blood cholesterol levels play a major role in the production of sex hormones.

The study was done on 501 couples that were not treated for infertility during 4 years. They were followed for one year of trying or until they got pregnant.

The results revealed that when both couples suffered from high cholesterol levels, getting pregnant would take much more longer!

When only women had high cholesterol the delay was also long. However, when only the man is affected by a high level of cholesterol, the time needed for the couple to conceive is less.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that can build up in the body's blood vessels. Genetics and your family history play a role in your cholesterol levels, but so too, do diet and exercise.

The conclusion is that when you are trying for a baby you should have a good diet and you shouldn’t forget to keep up your regular physical activity.

Moreover, a healthy lifestyle during this period and ideally after as well will be beneficial for you and your future baby.

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