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Being in a developed country will not develop your sperm

Being in a developed country will not develop your sperm.

In recent years, scientists mention more and more about the effects caused by chemical substances (natural or anthropogenic origin) disrupting the reproductive functions in wildlife.

This finding is illustrating the growing concern of the society, that exposure to toxic substances in the environment could have negative effects on human fertility with more and more people are having issues to conceive.

As the famous journalist Michael Pollan Said “We are what we eat”.

Daily we absorb toxins. We are exposed to contaminate air and consume contaminate food, without being aware of it. We believe that the doses are too small to affect us since we do not realised direct effects on our bodies. But studies are now clearly showing the impact on our biological welfare.

Many studies since the 80’s are showing that the quality of sperm has fallen and keeps on falling. For example, the sperm count of the average Frenchman, say the researchers, fell by 32.2% between 1989 and 2005.

Even worse, studies from 1992 showed that the proportion of deformed sperm has increased by 8%.

The result of chemical pollution as clearly affecting our fertility. Not only the quantity but also the quality of the sperm is dropping.

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