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Mobile phones and fertility

In a time when the mobile phone has become inevitable, even for children, several studies have already attempted to determine the actual risks in their use. What about the combination of mobile phones and fertility.

Male fertility is one of the main vital functions jeopardized by mobile devices and as you may know, it is already in decline in Europe.

Between 1940 and 1990, the amount of sperm per milliliter of semen has decreased by almost half (from 113 million per milliliter in 1940 to 66 million in 1990). According to researchers, this decrease on a relatively short period can be attributed to environmental rather than genetic factors.

Another team, that re-analyzed the data published in 1992, has confirmed the decline in male fertility. This concerns mostly, the United States, Europe and Australia.

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Women are not spared. According to the Medical Research Foundation, which has spent more than € 500,000 in fertility in 2004: "14% of women, of childbearing age, consult for infertility!" At European level, 15% of couples are already sterile.

What causes this phenomenon? Researchers accused the chemical molecules that are in products such as plasticizers, solvents and detergent.

A Hungarian research, made on 221 men followed for thirteen months, showed significant correlations, between the lengths of calls made ​​with a cell phone, and the decreased of sperm motility. The result showed their ability to move 51.3% of motile sperm in non-users, as opposed to 36.3% among users.

More annoying: based on the results of this study, simply keeping the phone on standby has the effect of reducing the concentration in sperm.

Phones emits continuously, even when you do not use it. The official report on the health effects of mobile phones released in 2001, contained recommendations concerning "prudent avoidance measures to reduce unnecessary exposure," including: "to not wear mobiles close to potentially sensitive tissue, such as contact with the belly for pregnant women or near gonads for a teenager.

” If mobile phones have such harmful effects on spermatogenesis, this means that many users are already “affected”, without even knowing.

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