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Boost Baby Making for Men with these 6 Things

It‘s official. What you eat and how much you exercise can actually boost your baby making ability. According to new research you can change the strength of your gene’s (DNA) by keeping in optimum physical shape. Research from Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at the Robinson Institute, Research Centre for Reproductive Health at the University of Adelaide in South Australia found that a fathers diet and body composition at the time of conception is likely to affect his future child’s health and risk of disease during life.

One more reason to be as fit as possible when you are baby making; fitter sperm and healthy kids. Boost your sperm and strengthen your DNA today with these Conceive Plus tips

  1. You are what you eat. Diet affects not only your health but also your sperms molecular makeup. Eat healthier foods for healthier sperm. Research shows men who consumed 90mg of vitamin C a day had 20 percent less Sperm DNA Damage.
  2. Cut back on sugar. A 2013 FASEB Journal study found prediabetic conditions in males led to glucose intolerance and insulin resistance in offspring.
  3. Cut back on FAT. A study published in 2013 found that for every 5% increase in saturated fat, sperm count dove by 38%
  4. Cut back on Alcohol Studies show alcohol intake lowers your testosterone levels potentialling coding reduced testosterone levels into the genes you pass on. Loyola University Researchers found that over indulgence can affect sperm production in three different ways, impairing hormone production in the brain and even the testes. There is a direct link between excessive consumption and the effects on successful baby making.
  5. Relax. A 2014 study published in Fertility and Sterility found an inverse relationship between stress and sperm strength.
  6. Lose weight. A Danish study found that men with high BMIs experienced a 20% decrease in sperm concentration.
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