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How Heat May Affect Male Infertility

You’ve probably heard that wearing tight underwear can be bad for your fertility. The fact is that heat has a negative impact on male fertility, so the advice to avoid tighty whities is essentially right. High temperatures have an effect on sperm health, specifically sperm motility (movement), which makes it harder for sperm to fertilize an egg. This is why the testicles are located away from the body; sperm should be about 4 degrees cooler than the average body temperature.

Avoid common sources of heat

If you are trying to conceive, it’s a good idea to avoid the most common sources of undue heat. First of all, make sure that your underwear and pants are not tight fitting. Looser clothing provides your testicles space to self-regulate their temperature. It’s also a good idea to limit time in hot tubs, saunas, or baths. If you are outdoors in the hot weather, do your best to take frequent breaks to cool down. The same applies to sitting. Make sure to get up, stretch, and move around often. If you are overweight, excess fat in the scrotum area may also negatively impact your fertility. Losing weight can help you to keep your body temperature at a healthy level.

Plan ahead

Sperm take about 70 days, or more than 3 months, to mature. This means that if you are often exposed to sources of heat, or if you have recently been sick with a high fever, it will take a while for your sperm to recover to full motility. If you are trying to conceive, try to plan ahead and start avoiding sources of heat early. This will help you and your partner in your efforts to conceive. If you have been having trouble getting pregnant and are speaking to a doctor about fertility, make sure that you mention any possible issues related to heat.