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Testing sperm on the go? Tool goes mobile in 2015

One of every five men has low-sperm counts that can impair conception.

The researchers Greg Sommer and Ulrich Schaff decided to shed some light on fertility changes in men.

Their invention “TrakFertility” will allow for men to self-test for sperm quality. In just 5 minutes with a few drops of semen.

"It would be like using a scale to follow weight, only in this case, men would track changes in their fertility," Sommer said. "We want to help people conceive in a way never done before”.

According to the scientists, the self-kit is all what men would need. To do the test they just need privacy of their homes. Thanks to the ongoing home diagnostic men would be able to take the necessary steps to improve fertility.

The launch of the portable fertility test is foreseen for next year in the USA. Upon receipt of an US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

In parallel to the device the company is developing a mobile app to help men track and analyze the results of their tests and communicate about them with their doctors.

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