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Yoga During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be a stressful time for any mother with the fatigue, nausea, and constant bathroom trips. Not only this but a lot of women worry about losing their fitness over that 9 month period as they can’t hit the gym like they normally do. That’s why it makes perfect sense to utilise some yoga to ease the mind and keep you active.
This is where Yoga comes in. Yoga is a fantastic way to stay as flexible and strong as possible during the pregnancy period whilst teaching you helpful breathing techniques which can make a dramatic difference when it comes to actually giving birth. Yoga involves a lot of chiropractor practices and you can check out Perth Chiro Centre as it offers an excellent patient care for its patients. Various studies have shown that women who choose to partake in yoga during pregnancy are less likely to develop high blood pressure or even go into premature labour.

Good practices

There are many celebrities who used this settling form of exercise as well. Keith Mitchell, a retired NFL player, turned to Yoga after a career-ending injury to aid in his physical and emotional recovery from the game. When his Russian pop star partner Sasha Gradiva became pregnant, Mitchell used his Yoga knowledge to help her through it.
“I was into yoga for a few years, but when I met Keith, it became mandatory,” Gradiva told People. ”What I like about yoga is the fact that it has something to do, not only with the physical body, but also it does something to you mentally, that you’re able to focus, to calm down, to manage emotions.”
“The meditation part of it, the calming aspect of it, is definitely very, very valuable when you’re pregnant. It’s definitely a big stress for the body. Yoga helps the most to put your head straight and stay in a positive place.
” Hilaria Baldwin, a yoga instructor, and wife of Alec Baldwin continued with her yoga practice with her young children after she had given birth. Many mothers will abandon all forms of exercise to focus on the child but this leaves no ‘me time’ or time to focus on yourself. Baldwin posted a video on Instagram of her going through a routine next to her nearly three-year-old child. The mum makes it a priority to exercise with her kid and occasionally includes her in her routine.

The benefits

The benefits of Yoga during pregnancy are dramatic. Yoga doesn’t need any fancy equipment which means that you have more money to spend on the baby. It also promotes health, relieves stress, improves circulation and releases positive endorphins to get you smiling. A lot of the ‘asanas’ actually help create space in the pelvis for the baby as well as easing back pain, a common complaint in pregnant women.
If you’re pregnant, try a special Yoga routine today and feel all the better for it!