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"My conceive plus babies "

“My conceive plus babies . Pregnant first month using conceive plus for both of them ” L.R, Facebook May 9th 2016

“Well here’s my story I was just about to order this after trying for 12 years and all of a sudden I started to notice my body changing. Lower back pain, headaches, increased urination basically all the symptoms of pregnancy. And on Mother’s Day I was forced by great friends of mines to take a test. Me thinking it was gonna be the same after all the years that passed and I was pregnant. All of a sudden. But I have heard nothing but good things about conceive plus and wanted to try it. I’m glad my blessing came naturally but it would have been nice to experience and share my story about it. Congrats to all the mothers and soon to be mothers.” E.S, Facebook May 9th 2016

“I used this gel after many attempts and losses and both times I used it I conceived that month. I always recommend it to friends trying to conceive. It replicates the natural cervical mucas in our bodies anyway so it’s a great aid in helping out Mother Nature.” A.M, Daily Mail May 4th 2016

“This product made me pregnant first month of using it. I had endometriosis and was trying to conceive for a long time. This stuff is brilliant and i couldn’t recommend it enough x” B.H, Facebook May 9th 2016

“Thank you so very much for this product. After 11 yrs with my bf we are finally 5 wks pregnant for the very first time after using your product ONCE !! ” L.S, Facebook May 9th 2016

“I ordered this almost a month ago. Me and my fiancee had been trying for years. We used this once or twice and I found out yesterday.” K.D, Facebook May 10th 2016

“My conceive Plus baby she is 4 weeks old”. J.M, Facebook May 10th 2016

“I am from ok and bought it from Amazon we bought it and one month later we were pregnant. Due Nov. 1st with our first” K.T, Facebook May 10th 2016

“I was trying for almost 8 years when i found out about this product I ordered it and started to use it the week before my period and got pregnant right away my baby now is 3 months old.. Start using it when you are ovulating that’s usually the week before u start” K.R, Facebook May 10th 2016

“I was trying for 2 years with PCOS and fell pregnant the first month of using this! Can’t recommend it enough!!!” T.C, Facebook May 10th 2016