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Siow Hui: "I used Conceive Plus and our angel baby was born"

Congratulations Siow Hui! "I bring good news! I am one of the angels who have used the Combo Pack (including Conceive Plus). Our angel baby was born yesterday on 30/7/2014. I used this Combo Pack and successfully got pregnant with a boy. My husband was worried that we have to wait till the baby was born to make sure it is a boy. Now I am extremely happy to say that it is a baby boy angel!" 我来报喜咯!我就是其中一个天使的非生男配套的见证。天使宝宝在昨天30.07.2014开刀抱出来了。我用了这个非生男配套怀上男宝,老公也一直怕不是男宝说要等生出来才可以确定,已经非常非常的确定是男天使宝宝。

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