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Tips to conceive a baby boy or a girl

If you wish to conceive and have a gender preference for your future baby, you will be glad to know that advice and tips exist that could have an impact on having a boy or a girl.


First of all; timing is crucial. According to research, the girl chromosome - X, has a tendency of travelling slower than the boy chromosome - Y. For this reason, if you want to conceive either a boy or a girl, this first step is to check our ovulation calculator link. Male spermatozoa are faster. To enhance your chances of conceiving a boy - have sex as close as possible to your ovulation day. On the other hand, if you wish to have a baby girl, it is advised to make love three days before you ovulate and then wait patiently until the end of your ovulation period. Male spermatozoa will tend to tire faster. They will be less resilient and may die off, leaving more female spermatozoa to fertilise the egg when released, leading to higher chances of having a girl.

Leafy greans

Don’t underestimate the effect of leafy green vegetables. Increasing the quantities of spinach, broccoli and other green vegetables to your diet can have a favorable impact on your pregnancy. Green vegetables have a high level of foliates. A vitamin that can improve your ovulation and can reduce chances of having a miscarriage. Men, please don’t think you can pass up on this diet, joining your partner will improve your spermatozoa health which is vital to fertilization. Studies have shown that men eating dark green vegetables on a daily basis have 20% less abnormal spermatozoa than other men.