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C Hawkins: "Got pregnant with Conceive Plus"

I, at 37 years old was told my fertility was depleted and id need IVF to get pregnant. Add to that I had no partner, so decided to go it alone, via at home Artificial insemination with a sperm donor (a friend). I was told the chances of this working without fertility treatment/IVF/Donor eggs etc were very slim, near non existent. I started trying last December 2013. Every month I finely tuned my insemination technique, taking tips from lots of online resources. I went from using a syringe to a soft cup (the type you use for periods), I added something every month when I was unsuccessful, I.E herbal medications to aid fertility, ovulation dip sticks, fertility scope, to look at saliva, etc (without going into gory details). This last month I did 2 things differently, I started a vegan diet the day I ovulated last month (unsuccessful month) the diet wasnt actually for fertility reasons but moral reasons,( but Ive since read its a great fertility aid). I also added Conceive Plus, first time doing so, and Im now 5 weeks pregnant! It was definately either the veganism or the Conceive plus, or both, with my apparent poor fertility I would 100% recommend this to anyone.